Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nov. 11 and 12 events amazingly successful!!!

Well, this past Nov. 11th and 12th's events were hugely successful and I have many people to thank for helping to make it happen!
The reading on the 11th resulted in a nice cozy crowd of 16 solid attendees with a few late stragglers to add to the total. Chop Suey Tuey was the perfect place for the reading, it heralded in the 1st reading at Ward's new location and the 2nd stop on Jen Marlowe's book launch after their main launch in DC. Suprisingly we were able to sell half of the bulk order of books Ward got and were concerned about having enough for the next day's event.
Nov. 12th was absolutely amazing. The final attendee count hit 720! Biggest event for the Va Holocaust Museum and largest screening for the documentary to date! People loved the painting exhibit and Awer Bul, one of the Lost Boys who spoke sold all of his artcards (roughly 60-80 different cards) for his art initiative. Chop Suey Tuey sold their remaining books, all of the attending non-profits and advocacy groups got great exposure, and the museum got a ton of exposure. I couldn't have been more pleased with Richmond deciding to show in hundreds of people to raise awareness and engage on such a difficult subject as genocide.
As a result of Sunday's great event I have already:
been able to do an informal short presentation in a kinetic imaging class at VCU.
been approached by a local church to do a presentation on darfur and the lost boys there, as well as a local park and recreational center who is interested in bringing the painting exhibit there as well.
Awer and I plan to continue to work together to help him strengthen his art initiative.
Alot of great things have already begun to sprout thanks to Sunday's success and I look forward to doing more covering a number of subjects.
Richmond Rocks!


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