Monday, June 18, 2007

New observations on Chad/Darfur situations from Richard Marks from "A Hard Days Night"

The situation in this region is becoming less stable even while there is some progress in discussions with the leaders of Sudan and Chad.
During my time in Chad, I was with refugees from the Central African Republic that had fled their country into southeastern Chad. There are
now Sudanese from Southern Darfur fleeing into the Central African Republic. As well, at the same time there are Darfur refugees in Chad,
there are also Chadian refugees fleeing into some parts of Darfur.

Both my trips to refugee camps this past year took me to borders, not created by the indigenous population, one between Afghanistan and Pakistan,
the other between Chad and Darfur, Sudan. In both cases, the instability and fear was palpable, particularly in Eastern Chad.

It is hard to understand since we live in a country where the borders are so well defined and we are at peace with our neighbors. Not hard to understand,
though, from a perspective of trying to ensure that those boundaries are respected, right? People have also migrated to find a place where they can be
safe, have shelter, and feed their family. Unfortunately, these people have no choice. Cross the border or stayed and be killed.

For us, one day a year is World Refugee Day; for refugees, it"s 365 days a year.

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