Saturday, June 23, 2007

Darfurian Refugees in Chad celebrate World Refugee Day

Who would expect a Darfurian or Chad refugee to have much of anything to be cheerful about after the horrendous atrocities many have endured? Well, as a sign of their tremendous tenacity and endurance they are finding a way to do so as they celebrated World Refugee Day in 2 of the main refugee camps located in Chad.

Jorge Prantl who helps in both of these major Darfurian Refugee camps which are attended to by the UNHCR sent these photos out a few days ago. They come from a place called the Guereda Outpost where 50,000 Darfurians reside in either Camp Mile or Camp Kounoungomand, and had this to say to a friend:

Hello.. how are you doing?
I did not have time to see the news during the last couple of days.. the WRD was wonderful in both camps in Guereda.. the refugees really enjoyed and spent a wonderful time having an active participation... the most reiterated messages from all was the return to Darfur in peace.. hope the situation will improve with the hybrid force!!
see some pixs from the celebration..

cheers, Jorge

One can only hope to have such fortitude as all of these people as they refuse to let such adversities degrade their spirit.
Remember that helping can be as easy as educating others about the present war in Sudan, but you can also go one step stronger and donate to the many international aid agenices and ngo's working hard with the refugees right now.


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